Natural Input Solutions Inc.

Natural Input Software is a state-of-the-art patented Mobile Pen Based Digital Editing and Correction Interface technology that incorporates third party cursive/printed handwriting recognition technologies and works in conjunction with continuous speech recognition software.

At present a prototype version of Natural Input Software for the Tablet PC exists that allows users to silently, accurately, efficiently and ergonomically input, edit and correct text within Microsoft Word.

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  • Efficiently edit text with single stroke gestures
  • Accurately insert one or more punctuation symbols
  • Ergonomically input text by way of speech or handwriting
  • Easily correct speech, handwriting, or keyboard mistakes
  • State-of-the-Art PowerPoint Screenshot Help Utility
  • Advanced Gesture and Punctuation Training Utility
  • Context-sensitive Interactive Legend Toolbars

Pen: Ultimate Mobile Computer Experience

  • The pen is clearly a more direct, mobile, and ergonomic pointing solution than the mouse.
  • The pen is more efficient than the mouse and keyboard combination, because the user does not have to switch between using two separate input devices.
  • It is easier to use the pen to write words, draw diagrams, annotate documents and input mathematical formulas than to do so with a mouse and keyboard.

Therefore, pen based devices like the Tablet PC computing platform represent the ultimate mobile computer experience.

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